Marjorie & Tony

"My husband and I had a fairly long engagement so I did a ton of research on photographers. I found Rebecca's website via online search and was immediately impressed by her photos.... beautiful, natural and luminous. After speaking with her on the telephone, I knew she was "the one." Rebecca is sweet and soft, but at the same time experienced and professional. This comes out in her photos, which are stunning and somehow capture the emotion and spirit of the moment. She also does a great job of integrating the surrounding nature in a subtle and artistic way. 

Rebecca was very responsive and helpful in the months leading up to our wedding and provided great advice and information. She photographed our rehearsal dinner and our wedding day and did a superb job with both. She works side-by-side with her husband, which adds a bit of romance to the perspective of the weekend. I liked knowing that her husband was with my future husband while she was getting ready with me :-)

Looking back, I am still so impressed with how Rebecca stayed calm and flexible when emotions were high. Our salon appointments ran late so I was in a bit of a frenzy when I arrived back at the house. Rebecca, thank goodness, was sweet and reassuring and provided gentle guidance about how we might proceed. Despite our timeline going to $hit, Rebecca was able to go with the flow and capture some incredible candids and portraits without taking time or attention away from what we were doing. Most importantly, she has a sense for what photos are really important to capture. Case-in-point, some of my favorite photos are the portrait shots I initially didn't want to take because I was freaking out about timing. She did them in 5 minutes and they are priceless. She has mastered this balance: providing direction while letting the day flow naturally.

I can't rave enough about Rebecca Love and would use her again in a heartbeat."